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20 September 2006

These Boots Were Made For Walking

I have never owned a pair of boots. I have large calves - thanks Dad! - and therefore, boots are not feasible for me. bummer.

So what can I write about??? hmmm..... I was a teenager in the 70's. There were some really great shoes back then. (What font can I use for sarcasm?) Famolares were a big trend where I lived. I had a pair very similar to these:

One night, a friend and I were out-of-town. We had gone to my cousin's graduation which meant graduation party, which was boring because we didn't know anyone and my cousin was too hammered to bother with us, so we went to the drive-in movie and then drove around checking out the local scenery (translation: looking for boys!) We did find a couple of them that were cute and fun so we spent a few hours with them, including a bit of time out of town....nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Well, it's now about 2 am and we really should get back to my uncle's house, so I go to put my shoes back on....can't find one of them. We look all over were we were parked - nowhere to be found. Well, the shoes were new, and expensive and my mother would kill me if I came home with only 1 shoe. So, the only other place it could have been was at the drive-in. Well, we went back there, drove in, found where we had been parked and sure enough. . . there is the shoe. Back in the car we go, start heading off the premises and voila! two cop cars appear. Check us out (thankfully we were sober) and after they find out the story, send us on our way. Whew.

So, nothing to do with boots, nothing to do with walking, but it did involve footwear and boys.


Blogger kT said...

I'm sorry, C, but those are some UGLY shoes!

2:42 PM

Blogger Tug said...

but they were SO cool in the 70's!! We all must have been about 6' tall...

5:16 PM


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