Each week a song title will be chosen as a theme. Here's where you blog it. And probably get it stuck in your head.....

01 October 2006

OMG! It's October Already!

My turn at the wheel of songs.

So for next week, you have a choice. Kt is doing Vacation by the GoGo's. My list for the month is a little different.

I'm a huge Bob Seger fan, so we are doing a few of my fave Bob Seger songs.

Oct 2 - Still the Same
Oct 9 - Night Moves
Oct 16- Till it Shines
Oct 23 - Rock 'n Roll Never Forgets

And, October 30, we will do Monster Mash...in honor of Halloween, even though it's not Bob Seger.


Blogger pupski said...

I know it's corny but I still love Hollywood Nights!

7:05 AM


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