Each week a song title will be chosen as a theme. Here's where you blog it. And probably get it stuck in your head.....

09 June 2006

Next Up:

Well, so much for me sitting, waiting, and wishing. No such luck.

Next week's song:

Fuck This Shit

Belle and Sebastian

Apparently, I forgot to find a photo, so pick one of your own.


Blogger Tug said...

OK, I really need to check out these B & S people. Is this song instrumental, or are there lyrics??

12:22 PM

Blogger kT said...

Nope, entirely instrumental. Which cracks me up. But, then, I am easily amused.

7:12 AM

Blogger Tug said...

k, I'm going online to see if I can listen to it now. LOVE.THE.TITLE.

7:36 AM


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