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09 October 2006

Still the Same

Alright, so my original plan for this title was to write about the big reunion between me and Tug. You know, haven't seen each other forever, but these are the things that are "Still the Same". It was going to be brilliant.

BUT- Tug went and found a bug so we had to postpone. NOT cancel - postpone. Just my luck though.....so maybe things are still the same.

I don't get out much. Haven't been out of the state for a real vacation in forever!! The last time I left the state was February of 2005 when my mom and I road tripped to Miles City, Montana to pick up a nephew. Before that was March of 2005 for a trip to my brother's in western MT. And prior to that......2002 was a quick trip not only out of state, but actually out of the country. Went to the International Peace Garden for about an hour. It was frackin' cold that day!

So, yeah, things on my vacations not happening are just that....Still the Same.

Boy, oh boy, do I need a real vacation............

(And no Tug, I'm not mad or bitter or anything like that....I may not know much, but I do know that shit happens!!)


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