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31 March 2006

Speaking of Freaks.....

The theme for next week is --- drum roll please ------- "You Are Not Alone" by Michael Jackson. In honor of our absentee blogger's (mabelsmuse) 18th Birthday.

Just for the record, mabelsmuse is not the freak I speak of in my title.

30 March 2006

The Continuing Adventures of Le Freak

aight, i spoke with raiden last night on the phone and heres the scoop on his parachute accident. i guess he and two other guys were doing a demonstration where they jumped 10,000 feet out of a blackhawk helicopter. one of the guys was a marine. they were to free fall to 1,000 feet, grab hands or something equally goofy, and then eventually open their chutes etc. so what happened was that when they got to the part where they go to grab hands the marine guy pretty much rocketed himself towards raiden and the other guy basically headbutting them in their heads. raiden said he lost consciousness for a second and came to and managed to open his chute. thing is is that hed already fallen pretty far so the chute couldnt really open as much as its supposed to so he hit the ground pretty hard. hes ok, nothing broken after all, but the other guys have severe concussions and broken ribs. fucking marines. lol! me being a freak asked raiden if they had videotaped the demonstration and he said they had. i of course asked if i could watch it and he said yeah. im seriously deranged! so yeah he was laughing about it and hes ok. gets a few days to chill out and be cool.

and i will be going down to columbus tomorrow to see him. im excited. im feeling "The Like" (tm) much more the last couple days. dunno why. i think having a couple days where we werent always on the phone helped. a little distance doesnt hurt sometimes. and the fact that he told me he regretted not kissing me was nice too. and he apparently thought my texts while he was in the hospital were sweet. go me. my woo is riding smoothly in 5th gear. now i just need a fabulous cookie recipe and ill put it into 6th and keep cruisin. yes, im baking. as kt can attest to, when i bake that means im in "Serious Like" (tm). i never bake, ever, except when im in Like. plus, geez, raiden just escaped death, the fucker deserves a little susie tlc, right?

aight, im off to old navy to seek out a few new shirts or something. i know, how cliche right, buying new clothes. but hey, if it makes me feel less sausagey and cool then im gonna spend $50 or whatever. its all part of my masterplan, mwaaahhh hahahahaha! and send me those cookie recipes yo! dont make me resort to marthastewart.com. aaaaaaawwwww freak out!

28 March 2006

LaFreak is LaLife....

FINALLY got here, thanks Cooth & kT for your help! Greeley, CO is the LaFreak in my life right now. I've lived everywhere from small town Baker, MT to Vegas & Phoenix, and have NEVER lived in such an unfriendly town. I usually have a friend or 2 within a week, and this coming weekend will be 2 years here & I have not one friend to call if MargoRita (the car) were ever to break down (she won't - good car!), or to have a beer with. (much less kiss!) I've had friends from out of town come visit, talked to people who used to live here, & they all agree - it's not just me. I thought maybe it was the karma I came with - I was basically transferred here by my company to be the terminator & bitch. And I've done it well (if I do say so myself). Seems that isn't it. The glass 1/2 full of this is that I volunteer at the hospital & for the Red Cross & wow - different worlds! FRIENDLY PEOPLE!! I found myself very surprised to see smiles, & think it's pathetic it's come to that. The good thing about the whole move is I'm close enough to drive to see my parents, daughter & son-in-law & OHSOFLIPPINGCUTE grandkids once a month...& my nephews & all of their sporting events are an hour away. This makes life good. When I was working in Phoenix & Idaho, I wanted this transfer to get close to the fam...so always know - the grass may be a bit greener through the one eye, but dammit if there isn't that other eye that shows you the shit & the Le Freaks.....

27 March 2006

Is Le Freak Contagious???

ok, i know i do a huge amount of discussing boys and stuff on our other blog and this isnt really a forum for that like the other blog is, however, i got news today that fits the topic of le freak.

raiden, the guy im sorta "associating with" is in the army. hes been deployed three times. hes been shot in the arm in afghanistan and shot down in a helicopter not once but twice in iraq. i just heard tonight that he had some issue with his parachute today and is now in the hospital with broken ribs. i did not speak to him directly, just a couple of texts, so i dont know the whole details, but shit, raiden is completely le freak!

i mean, fucker seems to have the absolute worst luck of anyone. though if you ask him hes got great luck because hes survived all this shit. hes apparently a glass half full kinda guy. but seriously, its like a cartoon. hes like wile e coyote or something where shit explodes and hes ok or a big rock falls on him and he crawls out from under it all googley or whatever. i hesitate to invite him to ride along with me during work lest i get attacked by an uzi weilding mob of angry drunk mexicans or something. seriously. i dont need to catch his le freak yo.

but somehow, as i thought about this whole deal, the le freak of it all, it has somehow made him even more attractive to me and im not quite sure why. i think some of it has to do with the reality of the whole deal. its hard to be really fake or to put a wall up when youre injured and i understand that broken ribs hurt an ass-ton. yes, ass-ton is a technical term. its like the whole situation makes him more human, more real. plus i think some of it appeals to my nurturing side. and yes, kt or others might say its less nurturing and more fixing, but in this case i cant fix his broken bones, but i can be nice and helpful. and perhaps some of it is the vulnerability aspect of it. hes vulnerable in his condition. somehow thats hot. i dunno why and perhaps im insane, but it is hot.

so yeah, raiden has some serious wack le freak mojo. yet that seems somehow fitting for me and how my life goes. ive got shitty luck with guys and relationships, hes got shitty luck with, well, hmmmm, bodily integrity? lol! so anyways, i hope to get more info from him when hes not so drugged up and can speak on the phone, but of course thatll all be on our other blog, truly disappointing. shall we start a pool on what smacks into him or runs over him next? lol! ok that was kinda mean, but shit, hes le freak.....and apparently tres chic to me.

Le Freak, the saga

There's a woman I've been dealing with at work. I refer to her as The Crazy Lady, but in view of the topic and because we watched a French movie last night (The Dinner Game, FUNNY), she shall henceforth be known as LE FREAK.

It began in October with one of those fantastic phone calls from the General Public that I just LUV. The GP likes to call me and ask very vague question.

Me: "kT, how can I help you?"
GP: "Um, I'd like to know about history."
Me: "Okay. What can I help you with?"
GP: "Well, what about old buildings?"
Me: "What about them?"

and so on for the next 10 minutes or so until I finally determine that they want someone to pay for them to put new vinyl siding on a 1950s tract ranch house that was built on the farm. We don't do that. End of call, disappointed GP threatening that "I pay your salary with my tax dollars." Sorry, GP, my salary comes from an off-shore oil drilling fund that you pay NOTHING into. Oh, and truly? I don't get paid enough to deal with you.

Le Freak has a house. Okay, her old senile mother owns a house. It's old. It may be significant. But Le Freak is more interested in writing a family history than she is in filling out the forms for the program with which I work. This is a weird government program. Reading between the lines? That means that there are lots of arcane rules and regulations that I have spent 4 years preparing for and 3 years studying directly. I am an expert in the program because it's what I'm paid to do for most of the 40+ hours I sit here in my bureaucratic splendor.

Well, Le Freak tells me in our first phone call that she won't need much help -- she's a lawyer and therefore 1) knows everything and 2) knows how to write. Well, I have a liberal arts degree in English literature as well as a liberal arts Master of Arts degree. But I wouldn't claim to know how to write a legal brief. I'm smarter than that.

Since October, Le Freak has become "a barrister." My unwillingness to just pass through work that doesn't meet any of the requirements of the program are killing her elderly mother. She studied abroad, which is supposed to impress me. She regularly fails to grasp the simplest of comments or suggestions. She insists on sending large photo files to my e-mail account well after business hours despite the fact that they close my account by filling and despite the fact that I have repeatedly asked her to stop sending them. (That was after I asked her to send them during business hours. She did try once -- at 5:15 pm. I work plenty of overtime when needed, but as infrequently as possible since I don't get paid for it!) She insists that her ancestors are important. I'm sure they were nice people, but so are most small town folk out here. If she is the descendent of these nice helpful folks, I'm sure they are disappointed.

In one of three e-mails I received today, Le Freak chastised me for a fax that didn't come through on Friday -- because she was home all day. I e-mailed her just after sending the fax Friday morning, telling her to contact me if it didn't come through. She contacted me after 10 pm on SATURDAY to let me know it didn't come through.

I don't work on Saturdays. Do you? (Shut up, Cathy, that's at a different job and it doesn't count).

Le Freak? Is freaking me out. She's one of the unpleasant people that I am going to enjoy watching my review board put in her place. I do know what I'm doing, and life is easier for all of us if you listen to my guidance and ask questions when you need to -- my job is as guide. But when you antagonize the guide? You may get led into Bear Country.

Le Freak


I think it's strange how there are things that just freak some people out and others are not bothered in the least. Here are some things that really freak me out:

Lamisil commericials. That little yellow bug creature is freaky enough, but when he pulls up the rotted, fungus filled toenail....I lose it. When that commercial comes on, I flip the channel. If that sucker shows up on a website - I go to another one.

Snakes. Eww, icky.

Low-flying planes. I live in a flat farm state. Lots of crop dusting. If a field near where I am driving is being dusted....I get sweaty palms, heart beats faster. I can't decide if I should pull over until the plane goes the other way or just drive as fast as I can to get away from it.

Alan Colmes. I just can't watch this guy. He is too goofy looking.

Pineapple on Pizza. Wrong so wrong. Pineapple is good. Pizza is good. The two should never meet.

24 March 2006

The First Theme

We have our first theme.....#1 Songs from our 18th Birthdays. Monday we will start our little experiment with "LeFreak". This was the number one song on my 18th, I really think it fits.

Coming Soon........

Starting on Monday, we will be posting the song o' the week. Songs have all been chosen based on #1 singles that "define our lives..." I'm not explaining that, so get over it.


You are blogging the title of the song.
Write one post about the title for the week.
You don't need to know the song.
We will try to post a link to a place where you can hear the song, but you don't need to.
Anything goes.
There is no such thing as too much information or a taboo subject.
But? Remember that we have random readers.
For the random readers, if you want to join, please let us know in the comments.

Others, y'all?

22 March 2006

The Proposal

Cathy? Couldn't sleep. So she came up with a new blog idea.

Song Titles.

Each month, a theme will be chosen (my favorite proposed theme so far? Song titles that would make good names for a sex toy shop.) We will suggest themes and hope that readers or bloggers will suggest songs that fit the criteria. Each week, a song title will be proposed. Members will blog it. You don't need to address the song, just the title. Hopefully, we will also post links to the song.

If you want to join, drop me a note in the comments.